About our company ⋆ Basic-Naturals

About our company ⋆ Basic-Naturals


What we have to say:

“Basic-Naturals Skincare is a family-owned company. We are a bunch of health nuts that love finding ways to improve how we feel through healthy food, outdoor activities, and healthy choices. We are constantly researching. It makes me feel good to know that our products can make a real difference in a customer’s life, how they see themselves, and how healthy they feel each day. We truly care about what is in our products. It is our highest priority to use ingredients that are 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, alcohol-free, and skin-benefiting. We believe in Clean Beauty as a mission. Basic and Natural is a lifestyle for us, and Basic-Naturals is our passion. My work at Basic-Naturals Skincare brings me so much pride and joy because I believe in each and every one of the products we make, and we care for each new customer as if they were part of our family. “

-Danielle Ben-David

Basic-Naturals Skincare is on a mission to provide customers with the most effective natural skincare. All of our products are created from nature with love.  Our in-house formulator develops each product based on the foundations of aromatherapy and healing oils while maximizing product efficacy and targeting specific skin problems.

Did you know that even the natural way we preserve our lotions and moisturizers has skin benefits! Most companies use preservatives to extend shelf life. Our preservation methods help your skin at the same time! (Check out the Skin Benefits of Citric Acid here). Each of our products features a combination of natural ingredients such as organically-grown flowers, high-quality plant-based oils, pure essential oils and harm-free waxes (organic, first cold press and non-GMO). You can trust that every Basic Naturals skincare product is alcohol-free and skin-barrier protecting. At Basic-Naturals we do our best to preserve the environment by selling our products in recyclable containers, providing e-bike deliveries for locals, and low-waste packing materials for shipments.

Together, we hope for a better tomorrow.

Basic-Naturals Skincare, is known for making the best natural skincare products from handcrafted recipes. All products are made in small batches in Connecticut, USA.

What makes us different?

There are so many skincare brands out there. We know it’s hard to choose! We want you to know that we are different because of our core values and because we create each product with care as our bottom line, not profits. We believe that a good skincare products do not need to be wasteful. So many brands use extensive lists and dilute the final product in order to make a profit.

Our products are concentrated skin-benefitting formulas that  contain a short list of natural and high quality ingredients. This gives you more product per container! Each of our ingredients is selected for its skin benefiting qualities and are untarnished by over-processing. At Basic-Naturals our goal is unique, fresh and effective skincare products that promote healthy skin and a natural glow. 

Our name says it all:

BASICOur products are made with basic ingredients – basic meaning simple formulas sourced close to nature, and a concise hassle-free skincare line that requires less products and leads to less waste. 
NATURALSWe only use natural ingredients provided by mother nature; pure oils, organic flowers, beeswax or plant -based waxes and essential oils. No alcohols, no chemical preservatives, no artificial fragrances.

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Key Ingredients:

organic calendula oil

Organic Infused Oils

We infuse many of our oils ourselves. Organic oils cold-infused with organic herbs and flowers to extract the medicinal properties of the plants for use in our healing skincare products.

organic calendula flowers

Organic Calendula Oil

Anti-Inflammatory, soothing and can treat and relieve eczema and dry irritated skin. Calendula oil is regarded as liquid gold in our line of work!

chamomile for skin

Organic Chamomile OIl

Anti-fungal and antibacterial agent as well as hypoallergenic, Chamomile oil can help to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals

lavender for skin

Organic Lavender Oil

Antibacterial and a germ killer. Lavender Oil has a very pleasant scent. Can treat various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions; while also soothing and calming your overall mood.

basic-naturals founders and owners
Basic Naturals Founders, Yaniv and Danielle Ben-David

Reach out to us if you are interested in joining the Basic-Naturals Team! We welcome your feedback and love to hear from our customers about their experiences!


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